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Modern, mobile & high-quality all units

Our units are stylish, modern and as flamboyant or understated as you are. After all, the appearance of our units is up to you! Are you looking for a temporary office space in your corporate colors. A sustainable Tiny House that completely blends into its surroundings. ÓOr a summer cottage in the style of your favorite vacation destination to buy or rent? If you can think of it on 1m2 to 42m2, we can deliver it!

All units are standard well insulated, durable and constructed of high quality materials. In addition, our units are strong and lightweight. The units also come standard with double-glazed windows, and optionally they can also be supplied with energy and climate-saving options.

Be surprised by the many possibilities, clever layouts, efficient spaces and all in your own style.

Tiny House te koop

Sustainable projects

Many cities today face a huge shortage of student housing. Students, starters and international students find it difficult to find (temporary) housing and often face high rents for these groups of residents. That’s why we from All Units started this project. We provide cities with temporary and longer-term housing that is partially self-sufficient. For example, there are solar panels next to the unit and a battery in which energy is stored. The homes are very sustainable and climate-friendly. The homes have a bedroom, living room, kitchen, shower and toilet and are very practical. This makes them ideal for placement in crowded cities. And places where the demand for temporary rental housing is high.


Quick & comfortable shelter


Looking for a commercial or office space to boost your business?

A beautiful business space for your company in no time! Whether you need a place of business, office, retail, commercial space or service space All Units builds the space of your dreams within weeks. We have a wide range of business units and are happy to think with you to come up with a representative design. Looking for a commercial or office space that can boost your business? All Units is guaranteed to have a solution that fits your business situation!

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