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Tiny House

Luxurious and modern tiny house

  Modern design
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Optimal living enjoyment in a Tiny House

Would you like to have your own
tiny house
design? You can! Your home is the most important place there is! It is a safe haven, a place for sociability and a place to unwind. Precisely because it is such a personal place, you naturally want your home to perfectly fit your desires and dreams.

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Design your dream home

That’s why at All Units you can put together the tiny house of your dreams yourself. From tiny to basically nothing tiny to and from mancave to
family home
. You also have complete control over the exterior of your tiny house. From modern design, to rural Dutch cottage or a sustainable design that blends perfectly into its surroundings.

"Your Home Should Tell The Story Of Who You Are And Be A Collection Of What You Love."

Approved Tiny House "Cabana"

Natural on the outside, cozy on the inside. Tiny House Cabana is one of our most sustainable turnkey tiny houses.

The Cabana makes you feel part of your surroundings. The durable materials of Vinyplus recycled plastic provide a calm and natural look. Wood grain plastic window frames complete your new residential unit. Completely maintenance-free.

Reduce your carbon footprint and join the Tiny House Movement, caring less about possessions and striving more for experiences.

The Cabana can be used as: guest house, airbnb, recreational home, emergency home, mobile office, care home, student unit, migrant housing or employee housing. All our tiny houses can be decorated according to your own taste and style. We are happy to think with you, contact us and ask about the possibilities.

Are you ready to buy your own Tiny House – sustainable and affordable – place in 2023? Soon you will be able to admire our turnkey tiny house, the Tiny House Cabana.

Got curious? The building design of this luxury 50m2 Tiny House is ready for placement on Minitopia or on other building sites in the Netherlands, Germany or Belgium. Come and sample the atmosphere in Oisterwijk. Here(below) you will find our 30m2 demo, it is also for sale at a special demo price.

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