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Migrant worker housing units

We provide modern housing units for migrant workers according to SNF standards.

From €39,450.


Residential units for workers

Are you looking for temporary or long-term migrant worker housing for your foreign colleagues? When it comes to quality and reliability in housing for migrant workers, has the housing unit you are looking for.

Migrant workers are an essential pillar of the Dutch labor market, and safe and comfortable housing is a sustainable solution that grows with your company.

At we believe it is important to meet everyone’s wishes and housing needs. We focus on quality. The housing therefore meets the SNF standard for migrant worker housing and, in addition to being a practical and quick solution, is also very comfortable for the residents.

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Housing migrant workers

At we are proud of the fact that all our homes meet the strict requirements of the SNF (Stichting Normering Flexwonen) standard. The SNF standard guarantees that housing for migrant workers is of high quality and meets all legal requirements.

By meeting the SNF standard, we demonstrate our commitment to the well-being and comfort of the migrant workers who stay in our homes. This also means that companies that work with us can trust that their employees are in good hands.

Housing migrant worker housing

At, we strive to provide housing of the highest quality. Our homes are carefully designed and built to ensure comfort and convenience for migrant workers.

We provide well-insulated, spacious and well-lit housing, equipped with modern amenities and facilities.

By investing in a pleasant living environment, we give employees a place where they can relax and feel at home.

The temporary housing units vary in size from 21 to 50 m2, allowing you to offer the right tailor-made housing solution for every housing need and location.

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Mobile housing units for migrant workers

Are you looking for ideal housing for migrant workers? At All-units we understand that comfort and quality come first. That is why we offer homes with modern furnishings and finishes that will exceed your expectations. No worries about long waiting times, because our units are installed quickly and are immediately ready for use.

The unique thing about our housing? They are mobile! This means you can move them when necessary. And do you have specific wishes or requirements? No problem! We tailor the home to your needs.

What else sets us apart? Our service and warranty are on point. We ensure that everything runs smoothly. Moreover, all our homes meet the SNF standard, so you can be sure that you are choosing quality and safety.

Unique to our migrant worker homes


Housing units in accordance with SNF standards for migrant workers

Delivered within a few weeks