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Informal care home

We provide luxury and modern portable care homes

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(pre)- informal care home

Carefree living and enjoyment close to your family or friends. Independent of nursing care and in your own familiar surroundings. In a family care home, it’s all possible. Our care homes are customized and designed according to your needs. As a result, a home for informal care has long since ceased to feel like an outbuilding in the garden, but rather like a home with all the conveniences. Our custom assisted living homes are designed to withstand “the test of time. Not only in terms of building materials and sustainability, but also in any changes in mobility. For example, we think about wheelchair accessibility and non-slip bathrooms. This ensures that you can enjoy a custom care home for years to come. In fact, a care home is often a pre-care investment that is made before informal or other care is an issue. This gives you extra time to enjoy your (grand) children, friends or other loved ones in your immediate vicinity.

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72m2 floorplan

72m2 living area

Do you want more or less privacy over time? Then your assisted living facility simply moves with you. In fact, our home care homes are delivered ready-to-go and remain easily movable due to their ironclad frame and smart design.

Housing for Pre-mantle care

With the “Langer Thuis” program, the Dutch government is stimulating developments to guarantee (future) elderly people as much quality of life as possible. Pre-care homes are a good example. However, many municipalities are still behind on this program and have not (yet) developed policies for pre-mantel care. In order to still realize a pre-mantle care home and be prepared for the future, a route must be initiated towards your municipality. Due to their experience, our experts know how to follow the right route for you and make your life easier.

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87 m2 Floorplan

87 m2 living space

from idea to realization up to 100m2

Completely unburdened

As experts in (pre)care homes, we are happy to take all the work off your hands. From the preliminary process with possible permit application to municipalities to making technical drawings, transport, placement and installation we take care of the entire process with the utmost care and attention. We place and install our assisted living homes within one or a few days, so you can quickly enjoy your new home. You don’t even have to worry about your energy bill. In fact, an All-Units family care home is superbly insulated, features triple-glazed windows and is built to withstand even the harshest winters. The care homes can also be equipped with solar panels if desired.

Everything is about Customization

Mantel care homes can be designed in any size and taste and have a maximum height of as much as 3.90 m. There are many additional options and smart solutions for small spaces that you can use to make your care home a fine home. For example: underfloor heating, functional laundry rooms, built-in closets and skylights. For example, by adding a patio or decking to your care home, you can create a lovely home that will feel like a luxury resort in no time.

We are happy to listen to your needs and provide you with free, no-obligation customized advice.

Our expert specializes in trajectories for (pre)- informal care homes and is happy to assist you.

He helps you in whole process from orientation to realization of your building wishes. And also looks at smart fixtures with you, so you can enjoy your informal care unit to the fullest.

Project supervisor (pre)- informal care homes

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