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Emergency office

Looking for an emergency office?

From € 14950.

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Fast, simple and inexpensive

An emergency office is a quick and inexpensive space solution, where you continue to use your own property. This saves on costs and saves you a lot of work. All Units will deliver your new emergency office in a matter of weeks! Either shell or fully dressed with all the options you can think of, such as a kitchen, toilet or fully furnished
. Ideal during a remodel or sudden lack of space due to growth.

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Pleasant work environment

Has your business suddenly outgrown your premises, but you haven’t found replacement or additional premises yet? All-units delivers a suitable temporary space facility in just a few weeks. This allows you to continue to grow peacefully, without suffering from a lack of space in your premises. An additional office space, a large canteen or an external storage area for your supplies. We take care of all your lack of space as a temporary or permanent solution to your growing pains. That way you can quickly get on with what you love most!

emergency office during remodeling

During a remodel of your commercial building, you probably want to be able to go about your business as usual. You want to be able to receive customers, provide a workspace for your staff and be warm yourself. That means you are looking for a presentable space with a price appropriate for a temporary space. After all, it is not a property you will use for a long time. One solution may be to rent a temporary space. But the average rent for office space does not always make you happy. An office unit offers an alternative. As temporary rental space on your property? Or, with our low rates, will you choose to buy the space and use it later, flexibly, in a different way?

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