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Guesthouse and/or B&B at home

We provide luxury and modern custom made guest house.

From €34,999.


Bed and breakfast at home

Want to start a guest house or bed and breakfast at home or on location? All-Units helps you realize or expand your dream by providing turnkey units that you can immediately put to use as a guesthouse or B&B.

That way you can grow quickly and not spend unnecessary time on construction work, but can do what you love most!

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Welcoming atmosphere

Our beautiful guesthouses can be delivered fully furnished and ready to use. Our units come with attention to detail and optional stylish interiors, making this unit a comfortable and attractive environment for your guests.

Our experience and expertise in this market allows us to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere so that your guests will quickly feel at home in your guesthouse or B&B.

Guest house at home

With a guest house, you can offer your guests a comfortable and private space. Whether it is family members, friends or even renters, a guest house provides a warm welcome and a pleasant stay experience. Your guests will feel valued and cared for in their own private space.

A guesthouse can also be multifunctional. Besides being used as temporary accommodation for guests, it can also serve as a private space for your children, a home office, a hobby room or even as a source of extra income through rentals. It offers you flexibility in the use of space depending on your needs.

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Permits and regulations : Check with your municipality which permits are required to start a B&B. There may be specific rules and regulations that you must comply with, such as fire safety, noise standards and parking options.

Spatial layout : Think about the layout of your B&B. Ensure sufficient privacy for both yourself and your guests. Consider separate entrances and private bathrooms. We can advise on this.

Comfort and amenities : Invest in comfortable beds and quality linens. Provide basic amenities such as Wi-Fi and television.

Insurance : Take out appropriate insurance that covers against any possible damage or liability that may arise from running a B&B.

Financial management : Keep clear records of your income and expenses. Consider opening a separate business account.

B&B at home, what to look out for?

Starting a B&B (Bed & Breakfast) at home is a great idea to make the most of your space and generate some extra income. But what should you actually pay attention to if you want to bring this idea to life?


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