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Almost always available!

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Home office

We provide luxury and modern portable home offices

From € 14950.


Can you see yourself sitting down?

Have you already spent hours searching Funda for a suitable office space? Or are you looking for a fast, flexible and practical mobile space solution? We have a wide range of home office spaces at competitive prices.

Whether you are looking for a small office space to start your business in or a spacious luxury office space. With us, you can compose your own space and thus control the price.

We also have many office spaces for rent. Ideal as temporary or emergency space for your company .

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A real eye-catcher

An All Units office space is the solution for an inexpensive way to overcome space shortages in your business. Our modern and stylish business spaces are not only beautiful to the eye, but also very practical and flexible.

The units are suitable for installation on your business premises, private property or backyard . So that you also have a representative space for your business at home, where it is easier to keep private and work separate and make a professional impression.

A beautiful home office for your business in no time?

Whether you need a place of business, office, retail, commercial space or service space. All Units builds and delivers the space of your dreams within weeks. We have a wide range of business units and are happy to think along with you to arrive at a representative design.

Looking for a commercial or office space that can boost your business? All Units is guaranteed to have a solution that fits your business situation! And is your business growing out of the unit? Then our spaces grow with you without any problems due to our modular concept. We would love to hear how we can help you grow your business!

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Unique to our home office units


From idea to operational

Within a few weeks

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