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Almost always available!

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Modern chalet

You will find luxurious and modern chalets at All Units. Custom-made or standard models.


Modern chalet that offers optimal enjoyment

From luxury chalet at your favorite inland vacation destination to typical Austrian chalet in the mountains. Our tiny houses are versatile in application and can be placed anywhere in the world.

Even on the water as a houseboat! That way, no matter where you are in the world, you never have to compromise on comfort.

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Design your dream chalet

At All-units we understand the importance of customization. Every person is different and therefore every person has different wishes and needs. That’s why we deliver tailor-made chalets. This way you can design and put together your own luxury chalet. A tailor-made chalet can also be purchased in combination with a piece of land. Please contact us for the possibilities.

Buy a prefab chalet

Buying your own holiday home or tiny house is ideal for having a nice place where you can relax. At All-units we therefore offer the option of purchasing a prefab chalet.

These ready-made chalets have beautiful floors, beautifully finished walls, designer window frames, an attractive interior and even central heating is possible.

Buying a prefab chalet from means choosing convenience, quality and service. The luxurious chalets always have a modern design and a stylish finish.

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Chalet options

The luxury chalets from All Units can be put together yourself or purchased as a ready-made chalet. The units are fully equipped and therefore offer the opportunity to use them in different places and for different purposes. 

You can use the chalet as a garden house. This way you always have a nice place nearby to relax. The chalets can also serve as a holiday home or tiny house. This way you can always look forward to a nice trip to a place where you feel at home. Another option is to use the modern chalets as accommodation for guests.

Unique to our chalets


"Your Home Should Tell The Story Of Who You Are And Be A Collection Of What You Love."

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