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Almost always available!

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Vacation home

Looking for a luxurious and modern vacation rental?

From € 29950.

  Modern design
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Optimal living enjoyment in a vacation home

Would you also like to wake up and step into nature within a few steps through your sliding glass doors? Or do you prefer the coziness of a bustling
vacation park
? For a
tiny house
you can always find a suitable spot. Besides the fact that more and more Dutch people are moving into a tiny house permanently,
tiny houses
are also very suitable as
vacation homes

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Design your dream home

The tiny houses are easily movable, maintenance-free, compact and much more luxurious and modernly equipped than many chalets  and mobile caravans. So you will have all the luxuries and comforts of being at home on your vacation too! Our vacation homes come standard with climate control for cool summers and balmy winters, large windows so you can enjoy your surroundings and an interior and layout that perfectly suits your family situation.

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