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Almost always available!

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Municipality (crisis) shelter housing units

We provide modern customized housing units for (crisis) shelter for Ukrainian refugees

From €49,999.

A modern design
A stylish finish


Fast, efficient and affordable

Are you looking for quick and affordable housing units for crisis shelter for refugees or migrants? All units delivers housing units for refugees from stock within weeks and even custom migrant housing within 10 weeks.

Theresidential units  have a stylish and modern exterior to limit resistance from local residents and promote sustainable use. The interior is practically designed to make the best use of space and provide residents with all the living comforts in the compact space.

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A warm welcome!

Our reception units for refugees are a cheap, fast and sustainable solution for the large influx of refugees and migrants.

The units are portable, are suitable for use of longer periods and provide families with privacy and shelter suitable for all seasons.

Asylum seekers housing units has extensive expertise and experience in providing residential units for asylum seekers. We understand the specific needs and challenges faced by asylum seekers and provide solutions that meet their requirements. Our expert teams are ready to guide you through every step of the process and make sure you get the most suitable residential units.

Providing asylum seekers with a nice permanent home plays an important role in their well-being and integration. Comfortable and secure housing offers asylum seekers a sense of stability and makes it easier for them to adapt to their new environment.

Providing a place where they feel at home helps build confidence and foster a positive mindset, which is crucial for successful integration into society.

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Housing units for asylum seekers

Delivered within a few weeks

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