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Multipurpose home practice

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Turnkey home practice space

Are you looking for a temporary practice space, practice space at home or a quick and cheap ready-made practice space ? Then we have exactly what you are looking for!

A practice room has a different function for everyone, which is why we work with you to put together a space that seamlessly meets your wishes and needs. The space can be divided flexibly and practically using partition walls and modular solutions.

Whether you are looking for a space to expand your beauty salon at home or need a space for your physiotherapy practice with a large exercise room, reception and waiting area. You can also consider a fitness room, nail studio or hair salon at home.

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Time to take the next step?

All Units has a suitable space for every practice and practice location, both for sale and for rent. All basic utilities such as water, power and constant heat pump are installed in the unit, but we can also incorporate fixtures and your equipment into your practice room.

This way you don’t have to worry about anything and you will have a professional and representative workspace for your practice in no time.

Layout, designed and furnished according to your own wishes and therefore fully in line with the appearance and function of your practice. And not to forget with a beautiful exterior, so that your home business does not detract from your own home or view.

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Is a practice space at home deductible?

Do you want to deduct the costs of your home office? That is possible, but there are some conditions. Your home office must be ‘independent’ to qualify. What does that mean?

Imagine: you could rent the space to someone else because it has its own entrance, toilet and separate energy supply. In that case you may deduct the costs. Simply put, if your home office truly functions as a separate unit, you’re in good hands.

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