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Due to remodeling, fire or unforeseen circumstances looking for a rental property or emergency solution? At All Units, we create beautiful Tiny houses, which are delivered turnkey and equipped with all conveniences. Such as a nice kitchen, a bright living room, a bathroom with shower and toilet, climate control and any option you want to add!

For example, you can continue to live easily and comfortably in your own backyard during a remodel. Nice and close to your project, in your familiar surroundings and without having to look for an expensive rental property!

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Buy an emergency home at All-Units

Buying an emergency housing unit is an ideal solution in situations where immediate occupancy is necessary. For example, as a result of a natural disaster, fire or during a renovation. 


Buying an emergency home is of course not something you do every day. At All-Units we therefore think it is important that you receive the quality and service you expect. All emergency homes are custom-made and delivered and installed quickly. In addition, all emergency homes are mobile and therefore easy to move.


This gives you the flexibility to move the home whenever you want. All-Units ensures that you have a safe and comfortable place to live in these challenging times. Our experts are always ready to guide and advise you when purchasing your emergency home.

Modern en luxe interieur van een noodwoning van All-Units
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We design all of our emergency housing together with you. Therefore, a (used) emergency house will always fit in your garden or on the intended site and, moreover, you and your household will always easily fit in the emergency house as well. Our emergency homes are both for sale and for rent and delivered to you in just a few weeks.

For municipalities, we also provide emergency housing and tiny houses as temporary or permanent solutions to housing shortages for students, care homes or refugees, for example.

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