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Luxury garden house

We supply luxury and garden houses, both prefab and custom-made.

Luxury garden houses not only add value to your home, but they also provide a wonderful space to relax and enjoy your garden.

Discover our selection of luxurious and modern garden houses.

From €19,999.


Buy a luxury garden house

Do you want to buy a luxury garden house that fits perfectly with your garden? For example, for a luxurious canopy or a cozy lounge corner. With the luxurious garden houses from All-Units you can go in any direction. We have both prefab and ready-made garden sheds available so you are sure to find something that perfectly suits what you are looking for.

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Prefab Garden House

Are you looking for a quick and cheaper solution for the garden? Then a prefab garden house is definitely something for you. We supply high quality prefab garden houses and offer an extensive selection of modern garden houses.

Such as an open garden house or a garden house with a roof. Buying a luxury garden house with a roof is the best solution for extra
storage area
, an atmospheric place to relax, or a space to entertain your friends and family. Discover our ready-made modern garden houses and find the perfect addition to your garden

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Custom garden house

Every garden is different and everyone has their own specific wishes and needs. That’s why we offer extra
All-Units offers the option for a tailor-made garden house. With a custom garden house you can completely personalize your garden house, both inside and out. We are happy to help you create your ideal custom-made luxury garden house.

Have a garden house built

Do you already have your ideal garden house in mind? Then consider having your luxury garden house built by our experienced team. We take the time to understand your wishes and then create a tailor-made garden house that meets all your wishes and needs.

With this you can really go in any direction. Consider, for example, relaxing with friends in your outbuilding in the garden or opting for a profitable garden house in the form of a B&B or a hair salon at home !

How much does a garden house cost?

The costs of a garden house depend on your wishes. At we offer both prefab garden houses and custom-made garden houses. The costs of a prefab garden house will be somewhat lower than those of a custom garden house. The starting price for a luxurious and modern garden house is from € 19,999, but will of course vary greatly.

For a realistic price estimate, please contact us and receive a customized quote.

Benefits of a luxury garden house

Experience the many benefits of a luxury garden house and easily add extra comfort to your outdoor life. Discover below why a luxury garden house from All-Units is the ideal addition to your garden:

  • Flexible use: Whether a cozy lounge area, a ready-made guesthouse or a modern prefab solution, our luxury garden houses adapt flexibly to your needs.

  • Customization: You can easily customize garden houses from All-Units. Choose a tailor-made garden house and give your outdoor area a personal touch. From colors to layout, we realize your unique wishes.

  • Atmospheric: Create a cozy place to be with friends and family. From summer barbecues to relaxing evenings, your luxury garden house becomes the center of conviviality.

  • Low maintenance: Our prefab garden houses are designed with durable materials, which means they require little maintenance. This way you can enjoy your luxurious outdoor space without any worries.

  • Practical storage space: Our garden houses not only offer a luxurious look, but also practical storage space. Store garden accessories, tools and more, so your garden is always tidy.

  • Sustainable: Benefit from the sustainability of our luxury garden houses, which not only last a long time, but are also made from environmentally friendly materials and are excellently insulated.

Unique modern garden house via all-units is:


Our tailor-made garden houses

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