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Almost always available!

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Office in industrial hall

Are you looking for an office in an industrial hall?

From € 19950.

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If you know what you would like from your office in your business hall, we can make it happen for you!

Professional business hall

Get more out of your business hall. More space, more peace, a better working environment and higher productivity for your business. With an All Unit, you can create a flexible
office space
in a factory hall, warehouse or workshop, for example. Creating separate spaces in your building allows you and your employees to work more efficiently. This will give you the luxury of shutting a door for once or doing and keeping your records in a structured way. By placing an office unit in your business hall, you are able to do all the daily, practical processes that take place in your business quickly and efficiently on location. Here the shift supervisor can plan the staff schedule, note the daily figures, keep an overview of all work processes and be on site quickly when a problem arises.

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Professionalizing your business hall?

In addition, office units in your business halls are a popular solution to receive your customers in a representative manner. You create a place within your own space to have quiet meetings and discussions without being bothered by your surroundings. This way you combine the best of 2 worlds, you are close to the fire but also have a place to keep an overview and conduct your business in peace. The size, layout and design of the units is entirely up to you. This way, we ensure that your office unit fits seamlessly or your wants, needs and your business. Do you also want to professionalize your production hall or warehouse, we would like to think with you!

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