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Start-up? Pop-Up!

A showroom or pop-up store offers you the opportunity to put your products in the spotlight for a change! In an eye-catching location such as at an event or on a busy beach or boulevard. So that you can easily surprise your target audience with your products. With All Units’ modern, glass and open spaces, your products are perfectly visible and your target audience cannot ignore your products. You can easily move your showroom or pop-up store, this allows you to easily follow your target market and bring your products to your audience in a unique way.

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Spot on!

Consider, for example, a pop-up swimwear shop at a busy beach. Fully furnished and designed as an
authentic beach hut
with fitting rooms, a cash register and a toilet and kitchenette. Potential customers can see, feel and experience your products in real life in your pop-up store or showroom. So do you have a top-notch product that needs to be seen? Then we make sure your product is unmissable and prospects are enticed to enter your pop-up store or showroom.

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