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Hair salon or massage parlor at home

We provide luxurious and modern custom-made salons.

From €14,450.


Hair salon at home

Realize your dream with a hair and/or massage salon at home! Our practical turnkey hair or massage salon will help you quickly create the space where your clients will love to come back!

Our salon unit is a versatile space that has all the space and supplies you need to welcome and pamper your clients. While you can enjoy the benefits of working from home.

Thanks to the quality materials and clever layout, you can create a professional and relaxing environment for your sides even on the smallest of surfaces.

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Massage parlor at home

Our home salon is not only functional, but also customizable to your needs and desires. Starting or expanding a home hair salon or home massage salon has never been easier than with this turnkey salon unit.

Are you ready for (greater) success as an entrepreneur? We are happy to help you with your salon at home.

Your salon delivered quickly

Our salon units are known for their professional appearance. A home salon should not only look beautiful, but also provide a safe and comfortable environment for both you and your clients. Our units are designed with attention to detail and functionality, allowing you to set up your salon in a professional manner.

A home salon is a great option for people who would like to start their own business or expand their existing salon.

It offers flexibility and convenience because you don’t have to invest in a separate commercial space. With our units, you can offer your customers an exclusive experience without leaving your home.

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Massage parlor at home

If you are considering a salon unit at home, the first step is to check with your municipality to see what permits you need.

Think carefully about the design so that your customers immediately feel comfortable as soon as they enter. Invest in professional equipment and products to provide the best service.

Ensure sufficient privacy, both for you and your customers. Determine your prices after researching local competitors. Actively promote your salon, both online and in the local community.

And finally, do not forget to take out appropriate insurance for possible risks.

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Customized salons at home

Delivered within a few weeks