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Emergency Room

Looking for an emergency room?

From € 19950.

  Flexibly deployable
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  Optimal learning environment


Lack of space?

Are you suddenly facing a space shortage at your school? With an emergency classroom, you can overcome a temporary lack of space due to fire, remodeling or unforeseen circumstances, for example, inexpensively and quickly. An emergency classroom has long since ceased to be a glorified construction shack! All Units’ emergency classrooms are full-fledged, high-quality classrooms that can be fully furnished to your needs and requirements.

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We work with you to design a classroom that fits your school and your teaching methods. Working with you to design and arrange your classrooms creates practical and enjoyable learning environments. Do you want a classroom with quiet reading corner, computer loft or with a creative space? We build the perfect turnkey classroom, which can be easily attached to your school or to an existing classroom. These turnkey classrooms come standard with large windows, double glazing, adequate insulation and natural climate control for an optimal learning environment.

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An optimal learning environment

Your students will lack nothing in atmosphere, comfort and learning environment. An emergency classroom can be delivered either shell or fully furnished. It can also accommodate washrooms, coat racks, reading and learning corners and many other areas and amenities. We provide a competitive price, good service and delivery within a few months. That way, your discomfort does not become a school crisis and you can quickly get back to what really matters.

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Within a few months