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Shipping container home

We supply luxurious and modern custom-made sea container homes.

From €34,999.


Shipping container home

Shipping container homes are an innovative and sustainable solution for affordable housing. They are made from recycled shipping containers, making them environmentally friendly and quick to build.

We at All-Units are, like many others, big fans of shipping containers and on this page we tell you everything you need to know about shipping container homes and why they can be an excellent choice for your living situation.

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Want to buy a shipping container home?

If you are considering purchasing a shipping container home, there are several aspects to take into account.

Shipping container homes are not only affordable, but also flexible and quick to realize.

They can be tailor-made to meet your specific needs.

Consider factors such as location, size and design before making a decision.

Building a shipping container home

Building a shipping container home is a relatively simple process compared to traditional construction methods.

It starts with the selection of suitable shipping containers, followed by their design and adaptation to your wishes.

This includes insulation, windows, doors and interior finishes. The advantage of building shipping container homes is the speed and efficiency with which they can be realized, often within a few months.

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How much does a shipping container home cost?

The price of a shipping container home can vary depending on several factors such as size, design, and location.

In general, shipping container homes are more affordable than traditional homes. The costs include the purchase of the container, construction and adjustment costs, and any permits.

It is important to make a detailed cost estimate to get a clear picture of the total investment.

Prefab shipping container home

Prefab shipping container homes are pre-built shipping container homes that are made in a factory and then transported to the construction site.

This makes the construction process faster and more efficient.

A prefab shipping container home offers the same benefits as a custom-made shipping container home, with the added advantage that the construction process takes less time.

Prefab shipping container homes are ideal for those who want to move quickly and immediately enjoy their new living space.

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