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Salon at home.

We supply luxurious and modern tailor-made salons or prefab salon units.

From €14,450.


Salon at home

A salon at home offers entrepreneurs the convenience of providing professional services without having to leave their home out of sight. With a salon at home, your workspace is always within reach, allowing you to switch quickly and easily between work and private life.

A home salon is a great option for people who would like to start their own business, or expand or upgrade their existing salon. With a salon you can really go in any direction, for example a hair salon, massage salon, nail salon, beauty salon or even better, a mix of all of the above.

With our units you can offer your customers this exclusive experience.

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Start your own salon at home

Starting your own salon at home is a fun and easy way to start or expand your business. Starting your own salon at home opens the door to a world of possibilities.

With the freedom to set your own work schedule and the flexibility to tailor your services to your clients’ needs, you can build a thriving business from the comfort of your own home.

Salon unit

When you run a salon from your own home, it is sometimes difficult to offer customers a luxurious and unique experience.

Although some customers prefer to be treated in an informal atmosphere, a certain form of professionalism is often appreciated.

If you live with a partner and children or if you do not have enough space to dedicate a separate room to this, this can be difficult.

The solution?
A salon unit
. A salon unit offers a professional space where you can receive and treat your clients in a comfortable private setting.

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With the right furnishings and amenities, you can give your customers a high-quality experience without having to pay hundreds of euros in rent or drive long distances to your workplace.

Our salon units are known for their professional appearance. A home salon should not only look beautiful, but also provide a safe and comfortable environment for both you and your clients.

Our units are designed with attention to detail and functionality, allowing you to set up your salon in a professional manner.

And if you ever want to give your unit an extra or even a different function, or even move it? Then that is possible. Our units are easy to convert and are mobile.

Starting a salon at home in 5 steps

Starting a home salon can be an exciting step. With the following five simple steps you can turn this dream into a reality:

  1. Planning and preparation : Research the laws and regulations for starting a home salon in your municipality.
  2. Create your workspace
    : With a low budget you can start a salon at home in any room where you have space, for example set up a separate room as a mini salon or use a fixed corner in the living room. Do you have a bit more budget? Then you can also choose to have a separate salon unit or to have a multifunctional garden house built in which you can offer treatments.

  3. Promotion and marketing
    : To make the salon run well, it is important to use promotion. For example, create a website and social media on which you show your services and results or use offline marking by posting flyers or sticking stickers in the neighborhood. Be as creative as possible!

  4. Customer service
    : A satisfied customer is a returning customer. So provide the best customer service and ensure an unforgettable experience for every customer.

  5. Grow and expand : Slowly build your customer base and consider expansion options such as your own building or salon unit, staff, new technology and tools or an updated course as your business grows.
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Salon at home rules and permit

Before you open your own salon, it is important to read up on the applicable rules and permits. It is best to consult the zoning plan of your municipality for this.

In some cases you will have to apply for an environmental permit to start a salon or practice at home. This depends on your location and the type of services you offer.

Make sure you meet all legal requirements to run a legitimate business. This may include obtaining a business license or specific permits for beauty services, depending on the laws in your area.

In addition, there may also be certain rules regarding hygiene, safety and use of space that you must follow to comply with the standards.

It is advisable to contact your local council to be fully aware of all requirements and procedures applicable to starting and running a home salon.

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Build up slowly for a valuable investment

A salon unit can be a significant investment, but it also offers the opportunity to save money in the long term and invest in your own future. By investing in a salon unit you eliminate high rental costs and take full control of your workspace.

This means you don’t have the pressure of having to work certain hours to pay the rent and you can even take new steps such as renting out all or part of your space to create financial stability and growth opportunities for your business.

It is understandable that you do not have the space to invest in a luxury unit right at the beginning of the opening of your salon. But working towards this gradually is a great step towards new financial possibilities.

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