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Nail salon at home.

We supply luxurious and modern custom-made units that you use for your nail salon at home.

From €14,450.


Nail salon at home

A home nail salon provides the perfect opportunity to share your passion for nail care and provide clients with a relaxing and professional experience, all from the comfort of your own home.

Do you specialize in nails as a hobby or even professionally? Then starting a nail salon from home is definitely something you have already considered or something you are already working on. A nail salon at home offers convenience and flexibility for you, and a fun, intimate and professional nail salon for your customers.

The biggest advantage is that you do this in the comfortable setting of your own home. With a nail salon at home, your professional space is always within reach, allowing you to quickly switch between work and private life.

This is a nice option for people with a busy private life, or people who dread renting an expensive property and driving long distances.

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Own nail salon at home

A home nail salon gives you the space to share your passion for nails with your clients from the comfort of your own home.

This gives you the freedom to set your own schedule and live your best life. Are you someone who prefers to sleep in or enjoy an hour of exercise in the afternoon?

No problem!

To offer customers a professional experience, it is important to free up or purchase a good space in which to offer your services.

For this you can think of spaces you already have, such as a detached room, garage or a garden house, but you can also invest in a salon unit.

This is a more luxurious option that guarantees you offer customers the best experience and creates a good separation between work and private life.

Custom made salon unit

At All-Units we supply both prefab units and custom-made units. This way, together with our team, you can create a nail studio that looks exactly the way you want so that you can pamper your customers with a beautiful professional salon unit to have their nails done.

Nail studio setup at home

The design of your nail studio at home plays an important role in the atmosphere and appearance of your salon.

Provide a comfortable and professional working environment with good lighting, comfortable and ergonomic furniture for you and your customers and all necessary equipment and facilities for optimal nail care.

Also think carefully about your corporate identity and make sure that these colors and vibe are reflected in the design of your nail salon so that it does not look like a dentist’s practice.

Of course you don’t want to scare your customers off…

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Starting a nail salon at home in 7 steps

Starting a home nail salon requires careful planning and preparation. Follow these seven steps to turn your dream into a successful reality:

  1. Research and Planning: Learn the regulations and requirements for starting a home nail salon in your area.
  2. Create your workspace : Set up a comfortable and professional nail salon, adapted to your style and preferences.
  3. Invest in equipment : Provide quality nail products, equipment and furnishings to provide professional services.
  4. Promotion and marketing : Use various marketing channels to promote your home nail salon and attract customers.
  5. Customer Service: Provide excellent customer service and ensure an enjoyable and relaxing experience for every customer.

  6. Manage your calendar: Set up an efficient appointment system to effectively manage your time and grow your customer base.

  7. Keep innovating : Stay up to date with the latest nail trends and techniques and keep improving your services and skills to continue to surprise your customers.
PHOTO 2021 06 10 10 47 42
PHOTO 2021 06 10 10 47 42
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What should you take into account?

When starting a home nail salon, there are several factors to consider, including:

Nail salon at home permit

Obtaining the proper permits and licenses is essential when starting a home nail salon.

Make sure you meet all legal requirements and permits for running a nail salon from your home.

It is best to consult the zoning plan of your municipality for this.

If you need help with this, we can of course provide guidance. We already have a lot of experience in supporting applications for permit collections.

Rules for nail salons at home

When setting up a nail salon at home, there are specific rules and regulations that you must comply with. It is very important to know these rules before you start.

  • Hygiene regulations : Make sure you comply with the hygiene standards that apply to nail services. This includes regular cleaning and disinfection of equipment, using clean towels and maintaining a clean and hygienic work environment.

  • Safety measures : Guarantee the safety of both you and your customers by complying with all safety regulations. This includes the use of protective clothing and equipment, as well as implementing fire safety measures to ensure a safe environment.

  • Environmental regulations : Please observe any environmental regulations that may affect your home nail salon, such as regulations regarding the use and disposal of chemicals and waste. Compliance with environmental standards contributes to sustainable and responsible business operations.

  • Noise Restrictions : Since your nail salon is located in a residential area, you may need to consider noise restrictions to avoid potential disruption to your neighbors. This may include taking into account the working hours when noisy equipment is used, in order to maintain harmony in the neighborhood .


You also have to take a few things into account financially when you start a nail salon from your own home. In addition to the rental cost savings and the ability to determine your own work schedule, there are some financial considerations you should take into account, namely:

  • Taxes
    : Make sure you are aware of the tax rules that apply to your home nail salon. This includes income tax, sales tax (VAT) and any local taxes. It is wise to consult an accountant or tax advisor to ensure that you comply with all tax obligations.

  • Save for emergencies
    : As a self-employed person, it is important to build up a financial buffer for unforeseen circumstances, such as illness, unexpected costs or a period of reduced income. Make sure you regularly set aside money for emergencies to ensure financial stability.

  • Investing in new equipment : To remain competitive and provide quality services, you may need to invest in new equipment and technologies for your at-home nail salon.

    This may require a significant financial investment, but it can be worth it in the long run by improving the quality of your services and attracting new customers.

    Consider budgeting for equipment upgrades and regularly investing in the latest technologies to keep your home nail salon up to date.

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