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Meeting & training room

Are you looking for a meeting & training room?

From € 19950.

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Would you like to meet on your own premises or at a unique location? Or are you looking for a practical, flexible and movable training room ? We undoubtedly have the space that suits you. We design your meeting or training room together with you. So that all your wishes are realized and all the functionalities you would like to have are available. Our units have a luxurious and modern appearance as standard and have 3 large windows. This way you can easily create a pleasant and atmospheric environment in which you and your customers and colleagues function optimally . The rooms are fully equipped, from furnishings and interior to facilities such as toilets , sockets and anything else you want to add.

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An eye-catcher

The space is delivered ready-made for you on location and remains movable. This means you can also reuse or deploy the unit at other locations and dependencies. For example, consider a temporary placement in an inspiring environment to provide your customers or employees with a unique experience. Such as in a nature reserve , on the water or on the beach. That’s something different than a standard meeting in a business center !
Our luxury units can be used for multiple purposes, for example: meetings, lectures, presentations, informal gatherings, training and receptions on your premises or locations of your choice !

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