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Kermis munten unit

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A festival or fair is the highlight of summer for many of its visitors. There is a special atmosphere and the decor and furnishings make visitors feel like they are in a completely different world for a while. So everything must be up and running to give your visitors the time of their lives.

Munten festival unit
Festival munten unit


For example, you have sufficient sanitary facilities needed so that your visitors can be fresh for the day and your visitors do not complain about long lines for the
. But also a secure lockable area for coin sales and cash registers, so your colleagues can do their work safely and undisturbed.

And, of course, a clean and pleasant first aid room with climate control to help your visitors get back on their feet quickly if they are briefly overheated from partying. In short, with us you will find all your portable festival spaces. With or without wheels, fully customizable and divisible, for rent or for sale, and of course with an interior and exterior that perfectly fits your festival atmosphere.

Design your cash register unit.
Attraction contributes to increased sales.

Coin sale

Consumption tokens are often used at events and festivals. Renting or buying a cash register unit is then necessary for your coin sales to take place safely and easily. Because of our unpredictable climate, you naturally want your employees, the tickets/coins and the money received to be safe and dry, a coin sales unit is therefore an excellent solution to provide a safe and weather-proof shelter for both your money and your employee.
Coin sales units come in different sizes. For example, we offer units with one sales window and units with multiple sales windows. The token sales units can also be placed side by side if necessary.

Sanitary units

Sanitary facilities

… perhaps the biggest turn-off of many an event or festival. The rooms are often overcrowded and simply look dilapidated. This automatically makes your guests treat your sanitation facilities less well, and your toilets and showers soon look like a dirty mess. At All Units, you will find a wide range of plumbing solutions that you can put together all by yourself. For example, do you want a sleek modern space that is optimally utilized with an optimal number of toilets or do you want a sleek fresh shower room with pleasant adjustable showers?

Our washrooms are easy to move and connect to any utility and sewer system. Also, our washrooms are completely self-composable, divide, furnish and decorate both inside and out. Through our modular system, our sanitary units are also easy to link together. So you go from glorified Dixi to never again sanitary friction.