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Buy construction trailer,
a good foundation for your construction site

A construction hut is an important part of almost every construction site. This multifunctional space is the central point of your construction site. This can serve as a space for consultations, to safely store important tools and documents or to have a nice lunch and a hot cup of coffee with the team.

Bee  We are happy to think along with you to design and manufacture your ideal construction site. We offer customized construction chain and prefab construction chain. 

We offer both prefab construction units and custom-made construction units. At All-Units we are happy to think along with you to design and manufacture your ideal construction unit. Consider, for example, a practical small construction unit, a luxury construction unit, a mobile construction unit or a luxury construction site with multiple offices and a lunch room.  

The construction units are delivered to your desired location within a few weeks and remain easy to move even after installation. This way you can easily reuse your construction site on another construction site or for other purposes.

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Prefab construction hut

Our prefab construction chains are designed for immediate use and provide a quick solution for your construction site. These ready-made units can be installed easily and quickly and can be fully configured according to your wishes. Our prefab construction chain requires very little maintenance. These are made of sturdy materials. This makes the units last a long time and is very suitable for storing construction equipment, for example.

Custom construction site

Are you looking for something special for your construction site? Then our tailor-made construction chain is for you. offers you the flexibility to design your construction site yourself, both inside and out. Whether it concerns extra windows, extra space or specific dimensions, we ensure that your site hut perfectly meets your requirements.

Rent a construction trailer

If you are looking for a temporary solution for your construction site, renting a construction trailer is a good option. offers various rental options for construction chains. This way you will be nice and warm during your construction project, but you will not be tied to anything afterwards.

If you are looking for a good temporary solution for your construction site, then a construction truck from All-Units could be exactly what you are looking for.

from idea to construction site

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