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Clubhouse: ready-made?

A cozy and attractive clubhouse?

From € 19950.

The coziest place in your sports club!

The coziest place in your sports club! Where the hatchet is briefly buried with a snack and a drink and the starting gun for the 3rd half sounds early. Without a good clubhouse, you can whistle for the atmosphere and social aspect of sports. Therefore, at your sports club, you obviously don’t want to be without a clubhouse. All Units makes both outbuildings, such as a materials shed, administrator’s room or game secretary.

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A clubhouse in your club colors?

You will definitely score with that!

For example, do you want a clubhouse with a large canteen and bar? Or do you prefer a cozy clubhouse in your club colors? With us, everything is possible. Our modular technology allows you to make your clubhouse as big or small as you want. You can also opt for one large room, several enclosed areas by means of partitions or you can, for example, disconnect the locker rooms and showers altogether and place them elsewhere on your sports complex to spread out the crowds in your canteen or central areas. All our units have large windows, so spectators and supporters have good visibility even in bad weather.


The units are well insulated and have climate control, keeping you nice and warm in the winter and cool in the summer. In addition, our clubhouses are robust and low-maintenance. This will allow you to enjoy your clubhouse for a long time and will your club grow out of your clubhouse? Then you can have an All Units clubhouse at all times easily expand with a new unit! So would you like a new clubhouse for your buy sports club or want to expand your existing clubhouse ? Then we would be happy to work with you, without obligation, to create a design with which your club is sure to score!

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A crowd pleaser

All Units provides both permanent and temporary clubhouses. Temporary clubhouses are often used as an emergency solution in cases such as remodeling or unexpected circumstances. Because of fast construction and delivery times of only a few weeks, you don’t have to put anyone off and your members and spectators can quickly enjoy their club again! But even more preferably, of course, we want you to enjoy your beautiful All Units clubhouse for many years to come. That’s why we like to create your ideal clubhouse with you, so we can take into account your specific needs and wishes.

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