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Beauty salon at home.

A beauty salon at home offers the perfect combination of relaxation and luxury, both for you and the customer.

The customer can enjoy a wonderful relaxing treatment, and you can enjoy a nice day at work in the comfort of your own home.

From €14,450.


Own beauty salon at home

Starting your own beauty salon gives you the opportunity to work flexibly and enjoy the time you have between appointments. As an entrepreneur, you can easily schedule your appointments when it suits you.

So you can choose when you sleep in a little longer or stop a little earlier. But in order to work from home successfully, you must of course meet certain requirements. You don’t just start a successful home beauty salon in your bedroom.

If you ask us, it is best to purchase a separate salon unit for this. A salon unit is a luxury unit that you can place around your home and that you can fully furnish into a high-quality beauty salon so that you can offer your customers a unique, luxurious and pleasant experience. And without having to leave your own property.

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Custom-made salon units

At All-Units we supply both prefab units and custom-made units. This way, together with our team, you can create a nail studio that looks exactly the way you want so that you can pamper your customers with a beautiful professional salon unit to have their nails done.

Want to start a beauty salon without a diploma?

It is possible to start a home beauty salon without a specific diploma, but it is important to inform yourself well about local regulations and requirements. Make sure you have the necessary knowledge and skills in beauty treatments and hygiene, and consider taking relevant training or courses to improve your skills.

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Starting a beauty salon in 7 steps

Starting a home beauty business requires careful planning and preparation. Follow these seven steps to turn your dream into a successful reality:

  1. Research and Planning: Learn the regulations and requirements for starting a home beauty business in your area.
  2. Create your workspace: Set up a comfortable and professional beauty salon, adapted to your style and preferences.
  3. Invest in equipment : Provide quality beauty products, equipment and furnishings to provide professional services.
  4. Promotion and marketing: Use various marketing channels to promote your home beauty salon and attract customers.
  5. Customer Service: Provide excellent customer service and ensure an enjoyable and relaxing experience for every customer.

  6. Manage your calendar: Set up an efficient appointment system to effectively manage your time and grow your customer base.

  7. Keep innovating : Stay up to date with the latest trends and techniques in the beauty industry and keep improving your services and skills to continue to surprise your customers.
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Customized home beauty salons

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